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Song Of The Month Lyrics

      Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Verse 1
I was standing by my window,
        Eb                     Bb
On a cold and cloudy day,
When I saw that hearse come roll'n
                        F           Bb
For to carry my mother away.
Will the circle be unbroken,
Bye and bye Lord bye and bye,
There's a better home a waiting,
In the sky Lord in the sky.

Verse 2
Oh I told that undertaker,
Undertaker please drive slow,
For that body you are hauling,
Lord I hate to see her go.
(repeat chorus)

Verse 3
Well I followed close behind them,
Tried to stand up and be brave,
But I could not hide my sorrow,
When they laid her in the grave.
   (repeat chorus)


Traditional: arrangement by Rudy and Dottie Barrett
As recorded by Rudy & Dottie Barrett_The Two Crew
on the CD  Feel Like Traveling On.
To listen to "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" click Here

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The Two Crew
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