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                           What's To Become Of Me 
    G                                 Am                 D7
1. What's to become of me, I don't know,
                                    Cm                         D              G
   I'm get'n old and feeble,  and my steps are get'n slow,
                                               Am                     C
   My hearing is failling, and my eyes hardly see,
             D7                                       G
   Yes I wonder what's to become of me.
2. The kids seldom come around, and they don't even call,
    I just hope that I get up the next time I fall,
    And Lord don't let me lay for days alone in agony,
    Yes I wonder what's to become of me.

   C                  D7           G                              
    I hope and pray when it comes my time to go,
     C              Bm7                     Am7                   D13
    That I have enough strength to make it out to the road,
    G                                          Am                             C
    Maybe a stranger passing, my lifeless form he'll see,
            D7                                    G
    Oh I wonder what's to become of me.
3. I can't go live with the kids, I'd only be in the way,
    They have no time for me since their mother passed away,
    They're too busy living their own lives and chasing their own dreams,
    To ever wonder what's to become of me.

repeat chorus:
Oh I wonder,

Yes I wonder,

What's to become of me.
Copyright 2007 Rudy Barrett / bmi
Pigeon Forge, Tennessee
All rights reserved worldwide
From the CD "Feel Like Traveling On" by Rudy & Dottie Barrett
The Two Crew
Hear "What's To Become Of Me" Here.

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