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Rudy & Dottie Barrett _ The Two Crew _ Feel Like Traveling On
We are proud to announce the release of our lastest CD, "Feel Like Traveling On".
The recording was done in December of 2006 at Darby's Toolshed in Gaston, South Carolina.
Dottie turned in stellar performances on these songs. It was a very emotional period for her, as her sister was gravely ill and dying at the time. She poured her heart and soul into her singing and did a great job.
The songs are:
  1. I'm So Glad Jesus Saved My Soul*
  2. Just Because You Go To Church *
  3. I Feel Like Traveling On +
  4. What's To Become Of Me*
  5. Pilot Me (Jesus Savior Pilot Me)
  6. Just A Little Talk With Jesus +
  7. I Ain't High On Leave'n*
  8. I Have A Friend In High Places*
  9. When The Saints Go Marching In
  10. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
  11. At Burger King*
  12. I'll Fly Away +

   * Denotes original songs.

   + Available on CD only.


By Mail:

An autographed copy of this CD is available by sending $15, plus $3 for shipping and handling to:

Rudy & Dottie Barrett
The Two Crew
212 Allenvalley Road
Gaston, SC 29053
We accept checks or postal money orders.
We appreciate your support by purchasing our music. It helps us buy pencil
and paper and guitar strings, so we can write more songs and produce more
 By Digital Download:
For those of you that prefer to receive your music by digital download, we now
offer some of our songs from " Feel Like Traveling On' for download. These are mp3 files encoded at 192 kbs for near CD quality. Click on the download button below and it will take you to our secure nimbit download site, where you can use your MC, Visa or other card, to obtain your music. Now you enjoy your music right away.
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Rudy & Dottie Barrett 
The Two Crew
 212 Allenvalley Road, Gaston, SC